Karl Marku

Psychiatrist, Reiki, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy
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About Karl Marku

Graduate of University of Minnesota Summa Cum Laude in Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, and Pre-Med. Medical School at Medical School for International Health in Collaboration with Columbia University. Residency at University of Illinois Chicago. Please see my website for more information.

I am a board-certified adult psychiatrist providing mental health diagnosis and treatment for any mental health problem including anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, anger, bipolar, psychosis, OCD, panic attacks, phobias, etc. Treatment may take many forms including lifestyle changes, therapy, and medication. Unlike many psychiatrists, I personally also provide psychotherapy. I am trained as a western medical doctor but also incorporate non-traditional treatments like meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, diet and exercise. I am committed to evidence-based practices which means I recommend treatments that are well established scientifically rather than treatments based on unproven theories or fads. Telemedicine appointments are possible for people located anywhere in Arizona from the patient's home or office via Skype. I am an out-of-network provider so care is not bound by insurance company limitations but full payment by the patient is required at the time of service. Insurance reimbursement may be requested by the patient, however, and will depend upon specific details of the patient's coverage.

Established in 2016.

After practicing in a multitude of settings throughout my carrier including universities, private hospitals, and community clinics, I opened a private practice in 2016 to have the freedom to treat patients the right way rather than having to adhere to the restrictions created by insurance and large institutions.

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