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About lighthouse Psychiatry

Lighthouse Psychiatry | Advanced TMS Therapy and Research was co-founded by Dr. Chung Trinh and Dr. Yukari Kawamoto.

Lighthouse Psychiatry was born from a genuine passion to help patients in a better way, through innovative therapy modalities and evidence-based, scientific treatment protocols. Their vision took shape in late 2015 when they decided to combine their individual talents and passions, bridging together Dr. Trinh's passion for TMS and mental health research and Dr. Kawamoto's extensive experience in academic inpatient psychiatry and interventional psychiatry in neuromodulation. The fruition of that vision is Lighthouse Psychiatry, which delivers an advanced TMS therapy protocol that fosters greater opportunity for patients to achieve remission or symptom improvement, as well as a chance for improved overall functionality.

A major challenge in treating depression, anxiety, and other conditions is what to do when medications don't work anymore. Also, it can be frustrating when medications cause too much side effects and start wearing on the body. These challenges are what we address. Our approach is using TMS, a non-invasive treatment modality, to directly stimulate a certain area of the brain to help improve its overall function, such as mood and concentration, without effecting the rest of the body. There are no hospitalization, needles, IV lines or anesthesia.

We are committed to offering innovative interventional psychiatry using TMS therapy. Our mission is to improve emotional and mental well-being of our patients. We aim to decrease the stigma of mental illness and assist in the recovery and growth of individuals.

A hallmark of our clinic is we provide a very customized treatment program tailored to the needs and challenges of the individual. We deliver an integrated program that includes TMS and supportive/talk therapy on a consistent basis. We promote mindfulness and engagement of your obstacles and, together, help you find new avenues and mental tools to manage life stressors.

Part of our success stems from our commitment and compassion to help each person reach and achieve the quality of life they aspire to have and lasting positive mental wellbeing.

Established in 2016.

After witnessing patients struggling with the difficulties of conventional medication-oriented therapy, we noticed a void in mental health care in our community. Some people just do not respond well to medications alone or the side effects are too great. Lighthouse Psychiatry | Advanced TMS Therapy and Research was born to address this need. Our evidence-based approach to adopting TMS technology to promote brain cortical changes leading to improvements in function is fundamental to our therapy modality. We are Lighthouse Psychiatry because we strive to be a beacon for recovery from debilitating mental illness and a chance to discover a path towards a better state of mind and well-being. During relapse of mental illness, one can feel hopeless and lost as if stuck in a thick fog. We hope to be that lighthouse in the distance to help guide your way back to the life you want to live and the person you know you can be.

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