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Right now I am doing email readings for 20 dollars. It is gaining popularity. I channel Higher Vibration Beings or Angelic Beings and write answers to the issues in an email. Please visit my website for more information. I also do phone consultations and in person readings at my kitchen table. I do not list my address here because it is my home.

I would say I am a life coach, as well as a fan of traditional counseling skills. I hold masters degree in Mental Health Counseling as well as being able to channel Higher Energy or Angelic Beings. I use tarot, tea leaves as tools. I am a medium and can connect with departed loved ones. I read akashic records, or past lives and can do pet psychic readings as well. Please visit my website listed under my name for a bullet-ed list of special helper skills.

Established in 2011.

I began reading a regular deck of poker cards for my high school friends when 15 years old. That is quite a few years ago. I will be 65 years old this June. I tried being normal and was a social worker for many years. Even then I would see clairvoyant pictures for my clients. In 2010 I moved to Sedona and worked at one of the busier psychic centers. That was the fast lane and I learned so much while I was there. Each afternoon several of us Psychic Sisters would gather by Oak Creek and share stories and technique. it was quite the education and I decided ...to heck with normal traditional way, this is very effective and helps people.

About 30 years ago, I did have an out of body or near death experience, and it was profound. From that experience, I summarize and believe that we know who we are and have all the answers and the bigger picture at a subconscious level. In this 3-D world there are many loud garish distractions and fake news around us. When we are born there is a veil of "forgetfulness" that happens after the first six months of life. This life is a shadow of a more vibrant one. As humans we walk around like amnesia patients who do not remember who we really are. That is why I am a fan of the humanistic psychologist. We do have an authentic self and a driving need to express ourselves. It helps to ground, center and reconnect with your source energy. I definitely can help with that. I have become an expert on "seeing" the heart and authentic soul of other people. That is a gift I picked up after my near death experience.

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